Do you want to train like a pro?

We make it possible! We organize 7-day Muay Thai / Kickboxing training camps in the Belgian Ardennes. Always a small-scale setting with a maximum of 20 participants, so there is more than enough personal attention for everyone. Whether you are a recreational or (upcoming) competition fighter, it does not matter, any level can participate!

You can focus 100% on your training: everything is taking care of, including food and drinks!

Our goal? That you will have more technical skills, theoretical knowledge and got practical tips that improve your skills, game and insights about the sport. That you will go home as a fitter and  stronger person, more aware of your skills and strong points. Whether you are a recreational or (future) competition fighter, it does not matter. Each level can participate in our training camps.

The next training camp (2020) is from Friday, 7th augustus 5 pm - 14th augustus 9 am

What do we offer you:

  • All inclusive package
  • Twice a day training: Kickboxing and Muay Thai
  • Condition and strength training
  • Kick, punch and combination technique
  • Practical individual tips
  • Video competition analysis & sparring theory
  • Sparring (not mandatory)
  • Yoga
  • Good food that suits the effort you’ll make: breakfast, lunch and dinner

This is it!

Every morning we start with a traditional kickboxing training with the emphasis on practicing combinations. The dutch style! In the afternoon the specific Muay thai and technique training. Clinching, knee and elbow techniques are offered: 100% Muay thai!

Global program:

  • 7.00 smoothie
  • 7.30 kickboxing training
  • 9.00 breakfast
  • 13.00 lunch
  • 15.30 muay thai / technique training / sparring
  • 18.30 dinner


The bungalow is situated in a quiet area of Beverece, only 3 km to Malmedy  in the Belgian Ardennes. 

There is a TV room, game room with table football and billiards, a relaxation room with bar, jacuzzi, sauna, shower and fitness equipment.

Bed linen (sheets, duvet cover and pillowcase) and towels you will have to bring yourself!

Because we train twice a day, it is wise to bring enough sportswear. Take your bit and tok along with you 🙂

There is a washer and dryer available, so we will wash your used (sports) clothes daily.

Your stay will be in a 4 personroom, (wich you will share with others) 2 x a single bed and a bunk bed.
Each room has its own shower and toilet!

€ 599 all inclusive 

For more information contact us !

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